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"My name is Michael, I served in the USAF. I spent 11 years in Security Forces. I was veteran of both OIF/OEF. Roughly 2014 I had an injury to my entire back and shortly after separating from the AF I was T-Boned by a driver doing 62 MPH and it flared all my injuries.

My injuries affect me daily. Sometimes just a small amount of pain just letting me know its there. The extreme pain hits the 10 schedule, I won’t be able to move my neck and I have to choose between breathing or taking a step for several days.

I’ve completed 3 different locations of physical therapy and hasn’t helped. In addition to PT I’ve had my injection quota maxed out for several years with little to no relief. My pain management gave me all different kinds of medications. I had to stop opioid meds so I wouldn’t become addicted as well. We also started the steps for an electric device in my spine to block the pain signals. I had too many negative side effects to continue the trial. The TENs unit aggravated my back so I discontinued use of that.

Now to the Biowave. I was on Facebook watching videos and an add popped up about the BioWave. I watched the video and said heck I got nothing to lose let’s try this. I reach out to them and Ron contacted me back. They had just signed a contract with VA and was trying to work with Tricare. Not many people knew about it so I had no feedback from peers, friends, and family.

The day of the consult, I had hoped for it to work but had no expectations. I sat down and we hooked up the device. BioWave was a much deeper sensation that released the tension I felt as compared to the TENS unit. I started at 17.5% as we went along I felt the area under the pads lose intensity and began to fade out and bumped it up. My final reading was 21.5%. I could still feel the sensation from the device after everything was removed. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t feel as if I had a ton of weight on my back, no pain, nothing at all and felt relaxed after the treatment. I went home and sat down and peacefully took a nap I was so relaxed. I woke up an hour or so later and felt great and couldn’t believe it. This lasted for the rest of the day and then the normal pain was back. I received my second trial and felt just as good but didn’t fall asleep. I’m ready to start using this ASAP. It could replace up to 6 to 9 pills a day. I am hopeful that it brings relief to more people."

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