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"I want to thank you and the staff for helping me out of this crazy pain problem I have been having since I had my back surgery in November 2017.
I didn't want to be stuck on pain medication the rest of my life. When I spoke to my Vietnam Brothers in a meeting we have every Friday afternoon. One of my comrades told me about Bioave. In fact I tried it out the next Friday, what a difference it made after one treatment. I call my Primary Care Doctor and she agree with everything. The support I got from the representatives in Florida Ryan and Ron in the Home office was outstanding within two weeks I had my own unit which I use everyday. I can't say enough good things about Biowave or the reps that assisted me with obtaining a Biowave. It has physically changed my back and is helping everyday to get stronger. If you have chronic pain almost anywhere on your body please call Biowave and feel the change. and if you are a Veteran with chronic pain call the reps at Biowave and they will gladly walk you through the process of get this incredible device. I received my Biowave about three months ago so I waited until I tested thoroughly before I wrote this testimony."

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