A Non-Opioid, FDA Cleared, Wearable Chronic Pain Relief Technology that is Pro Athlete Proven & Trusted

  • Patented smarter pain relief device that delivers therapeutic electrical stimulation straight to the source of pain deep within the tissue.
  • Designed to block the pain signal directly at the nerve inside the body, making it ideal for quick daily 30-minute pain management treatments.
  • FDA cleared pain relief device that can provide chronic pain relief and acute pain relief for an extended period of time.
  • BioWave’s Rx pain therapy systems have been prescribed to over 500 professional athletes and are used by hundreds of college sports teams.
  • Our smarter pain blocking technology is trusted by Orthopedic Surgeons to provide more than just low back pain relief.
  • also provide knee pain relief, shoulder pain relief as well as muscle pain relief.
  • Our 13 years of Rx experience is now available without a prescription to everyone in chronic pain.
  • BioWave’s neurostimulation technology has been tested and proven in a clinical study to provide up to 24 hours of pain relief for chronic low back pain.
  • Multiple clinical studies show that more than 84% of patients reported a significant reduction in pain from just one session of BioWave’s patented electro therapy.
  • BioWaveGO utilizes the same proven patented smarter pain blocking technology that is now available for anyone that suffers from chronic pain.
  • The BioWaveGO kit includes the GO unit, AC charger and 3 pairs of pain relief pads which provide up to 30 pain relief treatments.
  • Unlike old TENS and muscle stimulator machines, BioWaveGO works and can be used to treat and relieve pain in your back, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, knees, ankles and feet – almost any place you have pain.
  • Your purchase comes with a no-risk 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Our mission is to help people lead a fuller, more active life.
  • Qualified FSA or HSA eligible medical expense.
  • 100% drug-free, safe, easy and comfortable to use.
  • BioWaveGO is NOT old-fashioned TENS, a smelly pain cream, ineffective pain relief patch or unproven gimmick, it’s an FDA cleared clinically proven way to relieve pain.
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Finally, a superior pain blocking technology that can help you lead a more active life - or your money back with free shipping and our no risk 60-day "life changer" money back guarantee with free returns. We have made it easy for you to try BioWaveGO so you have nothing to lose except your pain.

FSA/HSA Eligible

Finally, a superior pain blocking technology that can help you lead a more active life - or your money back with free shipping and our no risk 60-day "life changer" money back guarantee with free returns. We have made it easy for you to try BioWaveGO so you have nothing to lose except your pain.

BioWave is superior chronic pain relief technology for people in pain who are done messing around with creams, pills, and gimmicks. With 13 years of Rx experience, BioWave is proven, patented technology that is designed to block pain signals deep at the nerve. This is not old-fashioned TENS, or something you have to wear for 30+ days. BioWaveGO often works in one 30-minute treatment and has been proven in multiple clinical studies to provide lasting pain relief.

BioWaveGO is 100% drug-free, FDA cleared, wearable, pain relief technology that actually works. It is available to anyone in chronic pain, without a prescription.  

There is a reason BioWave is used by professional and college sports teams and has been prescribed to over 500 professional athletes. It just works.

But you don't have to be an athlete to need pain relief.  With 13 years of Rx experience, BioWaveGO is 100% drug-free, FDA cleared, patented, safe and effective - now in a non-prescription, wearable form. Pro athlete-proven and trusted it’s now available to you or someone you love who suffers from chronic or acute pain.

Read the life-changing testimonials or contact our concierge service.

FDA cleared, non-opioid pain blocking technology

20 years of clinical research and real-world RX experience have resulted in this patented, non-prescription pain blocking breakthrough. By designing BioWaveGO to block pain at the source, the FDA cleared BioWaveGO is fast becoming the go-to solution for pain sufferers everywhere.

Lower back, mid back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, feet or almost anywhere you have pain.

Fits in your pocket. Fits in your life.

Don’t let its size fool you. At just 3”x4”x1”, BioWaveGO can make an enormous impact on your day-to-day life. More than 84% of users experience significant pain reduction from a single treatment. 

Read our testimonials, for amazing success stories.

Looking to get back in the game of life? GO! 

Name your passion - Tennis, running, golf, hiking, walking the dog, playing with kids or grandchildren, getting around and doing errands, or sleeping through the night without the limitations and disruptions of chronic or acute pain.

BioWaveGO can help you get back in the game and lead a more active life. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, you can relax knowing you have nothing to lose except the pain.

One enormous pain blocker.

BioWaveGO was engineered for simple, effective use. There’s a Power button, a Plus button to increase intensity, and a Minus button to decrease intensity. Thanks to easy-to-read color bars, a quick glance at your BioWaveGO device shows you everything from signal intensity to remaining treatment time. A beautiful design that provides simple advanced pain relief.


BioWave technology makes the magic happen

This is not an old-fashioned TENS unit, a smelly cream, dangerous pill, or some contraption you have to wear for 30 or more days for it to possibly work. Just one 30-minute treatment can significantly reduce pain.  BioWave technology has been proven in a clinical study to provide long lasting pain relief for up to 24 hours for chronic low back pain. Multiple clinical studies show that more than 84% of patients reported a significant reduction in pain from just one treatment, and there may be a cumulative benefit from multiple treatments. Placement of GO pain relief pads is key since BioWaveGO is different from conventional electrical stimulation. The active electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each pad, so pads are placed directly over where it hurts. BioWaveGO’s patented technology is designed to block pain at the source.

For details, see our Quick Reference Guide.

In the BioWaveGO box

  • BioWaveGO Device
  • Leadwire Cable
  • AC Charger
  • 3 pairs of Pain Relief Pads (approx. 30 treatments)
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Concierge customer service


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    Safe, Convenient & Easy to Use






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    Brandon R.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Works great !

    I’ve tried almost everything for my pinched nerve in my lower back until I found BioWaveGO . After one treatment I felt instant relief. It actually does work! Thank you!

    Ellen S.

    Great for Chronic Pain

    Thanks for the new unit. I use my unit so much, it started to have a few hiccups . It was warranted and the people from BioWave replaced it no problem. I can not get through a day with out it. I don't do prescription Cannabis which has become so popular. I am just plan Jane with my medications. So it has been my first treatment to start my day is BiowaweGo. E.Schafer


    LOVE this device!

    I've been using this device on my lower back every day, and I'm sleeping through the night!


    Blessed Relief at Long Last

    For several years, I've been dealing with excruciating lower back and hip pain to the extent that my mobility has been extremely limited. I'm still young(ish), well, I'm pre-60, and I thought I'd never experience any relief. I took a $300 gamble and it paid off. This little machine is changing my life. On the first day, I did three treatments (SI Joint, lower back, & right hip) and I could move virtually pain free. I've used it daily since then (about a week) and can actually have a conversation while standing without being overwhelmed by the pain. I also suffer from knee pain and it hasn't helped that, but I'll figure it out -- it may be the placement of the pads. The pain relief lasts all day and night. I haven't been able to go for a long walk yet, but I figure if I do a treatment on the SI Joint, hook everything up to my hip and head out the door during the second treatment, I'll have a very happy dog on the end of the leash. We'll see. I'm taking it slow. Anyway. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I could cry. I have cried. This little box just may have saved my life.

    Caroleen M.

    Thank You!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! After only one treatment last evening, my back pain was lessened from 8 to 5, and this morning, for the first time since being rear ended 4 years ago, I had good mobility upon waking, and the pain was down to 2! I am in tears, filled with gratitude for this product! This will be part of my evening routine from now on! I have been using Quell for a few years. It has helped, but nowhere near the extent of the BioWaveGo. When I began researching about BioWaveGo, I had hope that this would be the key to unlocking a more comfortable life. Yes, I have pain meds and muscle relaxers, but I hate them because I feel disconnected between my brain and the rest of me. There is no way I can drive to work (over 60 miles each way), nor effectively work when using them, therefore use is limited to Friday and Saturday nights. My pain management team has fussed at me, saying I need to use them daily for full effectiveness. Sure, that is easy to say, but how can I function with them? I can't go through life as a walking mindless person who can't think quickly. I've tried everything, chiropractors, acupuncture, acupressure, inversion therapy, the aforementioned Quell (not dissing the product, it has taken the pain levels down one or two steps) and nothing has helped much, even combining multiple therapies. With BioWaveGo, I have hope that I can return to at least a semi-normal life, with manageable pain, and a normal gait! Thank you for creating and offering this product! Being able to feel close to normal again is such a tremendous blessing!