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Directions for Use

See Quick Reference Guide For Detailed Instructions

Plug in the AC charger into your BioWaveGO unit to charge up the battery.(Takes about 1 hour.)

Find your PAD PLACEMENT PHOTO for your specific pain site. See and follow Electrode Placement Examples below.

Clean your skin with a damp washcloth in the location the PADS are placed. Apply Pain Relief Pads directly over areas of pain.

Clean your skin with a damp washcloth in the location the PADS are placed. Apply Pain Relief Pads directly over areas of pain.

Plug LEADWIRE CABLE into device so it clicks in place.

A. Press Power Button
to turn unit on. (AC Charger must be disconnected from unit.)

B. Press the PLUS (+) button to start treatment. Continue to press the PLUS (+) button throughout treatment to keep a strong but comfortable sensation.

Quick Reference Guide

There are 3 buttons that control the device:
  1. Power ON/OFF button
  2. PLUS (+) button to increase intensity
  3. MINUS (–) button to decrease intensity
  • Turn on device AFTER you have completed the first 4 steps below in Direction for Use.
  • Please charge battery at least 1x per week.

LED Bar Graph Indicator

The LED bar graph provides treatment information in different colors

Battery Strength Indicator Charging the Battery

Bluetooth Connection

Remaining Treatment Time Treatment Paused

Troubleshooting If the unit is turned on and the lights flash orange, please make sure that the leadwire cable is firmly plugged into the BioWaveGO®unit and into the pain relief pads, and that the pain relief pads have good adhesion to clean skin.

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BioWaveGo Quick Reference Guide

Immediate, easily accessible information and instructions on how to use your BioWaveGO

View Guide

BioWaveGO User's Manual

Comprehensive, detailed information and instructions on how to use your BioWaveGO

View Manual

Important Contraindications When Not to Use BIOWAVE

Do NOT use BioWaveGO if you have an implanted cardiac pacemaker.

Do NOT use BioWaveGO if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures.

Do NOT place electrodes over the heart, or across the thoracic volume. Electrodes can be applied to the back of the thorax and lateral aspect of the upper limb (i.e. below/down the shoulder).

Do NOT place electrodes on the front or side of the neck.

Do NOT place electrodes on top of the head.

Do NOT place electrodes over open wounds, broken skin, rashy skin or sensitive areas.

NOTE: Electrodes MAY BE PLACED directly over or in the proximity of implanted metal hardware including total joint replacements, rods, plates, screws, anchors and pins. See User’s Manual for more information.


  • 1.0 inch (2.6 cm) is the minimum spacing between Pads.
  • There is NO maximum spacing between any Pads.
  • If the edges of the Pads touch during the treatment, it may cause a burn.
  • Pads typically can be reused about 8-10 times.

Warning: Electrodes must never touch each other

Minimum Spacing Between Electrodes = 1 inch

No Maximum Spacing Between Electrodes

Do NOT use electrodes if:
• The metal portion of the
wire is exposed; or
• The gel has peeled apart from
the black carbon surface

BioWaveGO Pro Tips

Body position during treatment

Position of the body during treatment is important. Generally, the tissue being treated should be a little taut or in a stretch position. Generally, sitting in a supported position in a chair, couch, or bed is best for most treatment locations on the body. See User’s Manual for more detailed information on optimal Body Position for different treatment locations.

Motion during treatment

The sensation from the treatment is a deep smooth tingling and pressure sensation as the muscle is held in tension in the volume of tissue being treated. Motion may cause a stonger or weaker sensation and will cause the location of the internal electrical field to shift slightly. Shifting of the electrical field is most prevalent when treating the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, and feet.

The goal is to gently move the joint at the location to shift the sensation caused by the electrical field so that it focuses directly onto and encompasses the primary location of pain. This is a fine tuning of the treatment that will provide the best treatment results.

Electrode Placement Rationale

BioWaveGO electrode placements are different from conventional electrical stimulation. The mixing of the patented therapeutic signals occurs in a 3.5-inch hemishpere, not along the surface of the skin between the electrodes. As a result, electrodes need to be placed directly over locations of pain, or one electrode over a single location of pain and a second over a comfortable location to recieve stimulation – typically over a bony prominence near the treatment site.