Fast Acting Neck Pain Relief Technology | BioWaveGO - BioWaveGO

BioWaveGO Pain Relief Pad placements are different from conventional electrical stimulation. The active electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each pad. As a result, pads need to be placed directly over specific locations of pain.

Pads must not touch each other:

  • One inch is the minimum spacing between pads
  • There is no maximum spacing between pads

Getting Started Video - Neck Treatment

Radiating Neck Pain or Neck Pain Focused on One Side of the Neck

Place the first pad up on the neck partially over the spine over the origin of pain. Place the second pad over the first location of pain closest to the origin, typically one to two inches beneath the first pad along the trapezius.

Neck Pain

Place each pad directly over a painful location on the back of the neck on each side of the spine. One inch is the minimum spacing.

Neck Pain in Two Locations

Place the first pad up on the neck directly over the first painful location. Place the second pad over a second location of pain, in this example, lower down on the trapezius.