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“I want to get back with you about the BioWavePRO machine you have provided me. As you know, I have had some very serious Sciatic type pain in my right buttock and lower right calf areas from a back surgery I had about 6 months ago on L4 and L5.

The pain has been severe and in order to control it I have been on some serious medications like Oxycodone, Nortriptyline and 5% Lidocaine patches.

None of these provided much relief and it was looking like the only alternative to resolving the problem was an additional surgery, soon. I have been in daily pain that has limited the activities I could perform on a daily bases. Plus, being on these medications have added additional stress and issues dealing with my everyday routine.

Since trying the BioWave machine, I have had immediate relief from the pain and have experienced about a 90 to 95% reduction in the pain. I have stopped taking the above mentioned medications and am feeling much better. Now, I am only on the 3rd day with the machine but the pain improvement is nothing short of miraculous.

I do realize that a surgery is still in my future but the ability to have significantly reduced pain and be able to take some time to consult with my back surgeon and plan the approach to the surgery without having to be in agony while waiting for the surgery date is a great relief to me.

I have become a big fan very quickly of this product and already have several friends who have similar issues wanting to know more about it and see if they can experience the benefits I have already received. If you would like more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks so much for your help and professional advice.”

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