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“I am a patient with a thoracic spine condition that required spinal fusion surgery. Both pre-and post surgery, I have experienced intercostal neuralgia. It is a condition that creates severe nerve pain along the ribs, and it is very difficult to treat.

The BioWave unit has been the most effective tool in my pain management arsenal BY FAR!!! I have been using the device for almost 5 years. It provides better pain relief than any of my medications do for the burning, “electric shock” sensation that accompanies nerve pain. It is my “go to” tool for flareups and sleepless nights. The stimulation from the BioWave unit creates a deep soothing sensation that relieves my constant, unrelenting pain.

In addition to addressing the comfort that the device provides, I must commend Brad Siff. He has been professional, loyal, and helpful throughout my journey with chronic pain. Brad has taken a great deal of time to educate me and my physical therapists regarding my BioWave device.

The company has handled supply orders courteously, quickly, and accurately and company representatives are both very patient and attentive to my questions and concerns. I highly recommend this device for any patient who is seeking an effective management program for chronic pain.”

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