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Sylvia Jablonski

"As a former college athlete, and avid runner I have experienced several knee injuries and general joint issues. A couple of years ago, I had a bi-lateral arthroscopic surgery/lateral release to reduce excessive joint pain, scar tissue weakness and pain. The surgery was successful and went very smoothly, however as with most knee injuries, chronic arthritis and pain persist. I was looking for a pain management solution which did not require the use of prescription, or pill based medicine. Historically, these solutions were only available to professional athletes.

My knee surgeon recommended that I meet with Brad Siff to discuss the BioWave device for neuromodulation pain therapy. The device claims to reduce pain after 30 minutes of treatment, and it certainly does just that and a lot more! The BioWave is a life saver in pain reduction. I often experience sharp pangs, limping and generally incredible amounts of pain after engaging in strenuous weight bearing activity. Being an active person who does not wish to give up my hobbies over knee pain, I tried so many things to find a solution, and it wasn’t until I was introduced to the BioWave that I noticed a difference. Using the machine immediately reduces pain, and that level of relief lasts for a day or two, with a general lesser level of joint pain experienced even a day or two beyond initial use. After using the BioWave home device, I have experienced an immediate decrease in muscle stiffness and a very immediate and obvious reduction in sharp or shooting pains from the joints.

The device is easy to use, is not painful during treatment and while you are hooked up to it, there is a sensation of stimulated blood flow to the area being treated. If you are an athlete or even a weekend warrior that doesn’t want to give up the sports and activities that you love I would highly recommend the device for pain management. The device is high quality and reliable. BioWave is also extremely customer service oriented and knowledgeable about medical matters related to injuries and pre-existing conditions. They will get you anything needed from stim pads, wires lost chargers immediately. I would highly recommend using the device!"