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"I originally saw your product on twitter. I believe I e-mailed Ron off that feed, he then called me and I asked my primary  physician for Pain/PT consult. Used the unit for 6 times at Va…Ron said he had never heard of someone falling asleep while unit was in use until I told him I was taking a power nap while using mine. I am covered for all but dental 100% medically by VA. Not service connected disability, Im 3 1/2 yrs post-op from VATS left lung surgery, 6 months later, 3 ribs over surgical area fractured. I’ve been in constant pain since. Then, Degenerative Disc Disease reared its ugly head L1-L-5 about a year and a half ago.

I’m 60 years old, had just gotten my associates degree when above occurred, I went from looking forward to making more money in the medical field to homebound with chronic pain.I had my 5th cardiac stent placed 19 October 2017. Worked hard after that to try and exercise, couldnt. Also newly diagnosed last June diabetic, so being immobile could kill me over time. I was walking post-catheter, but I hate it. Started bike riding because it was easier than walking. But pain was still my obstacle. Couldnt take a full, deep breath without pain. But now after your unit, Im’ taking deep breaths,getting much better oxygenation. As I also have emphysema from smoking, that’s been a major game changer. I’m also now sleeping 3-5 hours at a stretch because I can sleep without pain. Quality of my life is drastically improving. Not only can I again do my housework, vaccuuming, making the bed, cleaning the tub, I’m much more active with friends, church, volunteering with vets, etc. I’ve also been bike riding a bike trail , 6 miles round trip to an area park, and the other direction is 12 miles to a river ramp and picnic area. I’m looking forward to visiting my children and grandchildren in Tennessee and Florida in a couple of months. I know I’ll be able to travel now. I’m using the home unit now every 2-3 days, and when I’ve done too much, because I can. Received SSI in January,because I was finally considered disabled. I fought to Not have to do it, but after 3 years I had given up. Now, I am myself again. Thank you and your company for making all of this possible. So sorry this is so long, but wanted to tell you. I had one of your reps come to a Vietnam Veterans Association meeting, wanting to share with those cranky old farts how well Biowave was working for me. I’m also sharing with a different vet support group here in Elmira as well about the difference with pain control on Biowave versus medicating. Hoping they’ll listen and give it try. Anyway, more than enough info you were looking for I’m sure. Take care."

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