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"I would first like to thank you for your outstanding website and podcast.  I have been listening to the podcasts and reading your website content since late last summer/ early fall when my son joined the USAF.  I found your site while doing my own research into AFSOC, as my son has aspirations of joining the CCT community.

The reason for this email is to thank you for advertising for Biowave.  I had never heard of that device until I heard you speaking about it on the podcast.

I developed a degenerative bone disease when I was in the first grade which deformed my right femoral head (it collapsed on itself and formed a mushroom shape).  As result of this condition I have lived with chronic hip pain ever since.  I was also told to expect to have a hip replacement by my thirties.

I dealt with the pain by taking Ibuprofen for most of my life until seven years ago when I donated a kidney to my father.  Ibuprofen is filtered through the body via the kidneys and since I now only had one I was advised to stop taking it.  Now my hip pain was a much bigger problem for me so I was force to get a hip replacement at 44 years old.  The replacement has not given me the freedom I had hoped for and over the past five years I have lost flexibility and the pain has not subsided as I had hoped.

This past month I had a follow-up to make sure nothing with the prosthesis had come loose. My surgeon was confident it had not.  After much discussion he gave me a few options for various tests which if conclusive would mean a revision surgery and additional bone loss when I am only 49 years old.  I told him that was unacceptable as I wanted an active life back.  After discussing the pros and cons of my situation in detail with him and after I asked for him to write a prescription for a Biowave machine, he did.

I received my new machine yesterday.  I immediately left work and did a treatment.  It was a miracle!  The pain was gone!  After the first treatment,  I was pain free in my hip.  I was able to bend over and pick small objects off the floor without having to drop to one knee which was how I had to do it since the surgery.  I could put my foot easily up on an end table that was the height of my mid-thigh area.  Again this was something I could not do previous to the treatment!  I went for a long walk and rode several miles on a stationary bike and felt wonderful!

This morning I woke up to a cloudy damp drizzling weather front that had moved in overnight.  This is the type of day I typically abhor, as it usually causes significant pain, tightness and even more loss of range of movement.  I had none of that today.  I did another treatment , per the clinical protocol and I can move better than I have in years!  I am more than happy with the results I have seen in such a short time.

Since I work in the medical field I understand the dangers of opioid base pain management.  I understand the numerous and sometimes very dangerous side effects, along with the addictive properties of such drugs.  This is why I avoided them and was forced to deal with daily chronic pain which prevented me from enjoying life with my family to its fullest.  Now I feel like I may be getting that back again.

I applaud you for advertising this product to you audience, as I know many of them have sacrificed greatly for our country, which I also applaud.  If by making more people aware of Biowave through your efforts helps one current or prior service member as much as it has already helped me, then you have accomplished a great service to our men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

Thank you Sirs for turning me onto a life restoring product."

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