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Thanks for the email and for developing the Biowave HOME pain relief miracle.

 was the first veteran at my VA to receive a Biowave HOME device. I had used TENS devices for years for lower back pain to help relax the muscles that would tighten up and cause unbearable pain. My life of pain had existed since 1973 when I injured my back in an auto accident. I used chiropractors, pain meds, physical therapy, stretching exercises, TENS, acupuncture, acupressure, trigger point injections etc. at great expense, time, and a lowered quality of life.

When my veteran brother in TN told me about a veteran friend of his who was using a Biowave HOME device with great results, I became interested. My brother told me it had pads like a TENS device but that it worked deeper in the muscles and tissue. Being a long time Electronic Technician and an Amateur Radio operator, I told my brother that the Biowave HOME device had to be working at a higher frequency and probably with a higher power level. I confirmed that on your website and called and extensively talked to a veteran customer support person. I have forgotten his name but he was a great help. I got my device about 9 months ago and have gotten really great results and over time have experimented with different techniques.

I find that I can get better results and longer lasting results by incorporating my stretching exercises during the 30 minute treatment while concentrating on the tightest areas of my muscles. Then during the last part of the treatment, I concentrate on the remaining sore or painful areas. By doing this I can usually get up to three days of quality pain relief and greater flexibility with a single treatment.  When I have more than one area of severe pain left after a treatment, I locate and pin point the pain area and do a 30 minute treatment as described above to fix that area. I keep checking for sore or painful areas and concentrate on them as described. I have successfully treated up to three areas like this with up to three days of pain free relief allowing me to move, walk and sleep with a great improvement in my quality of life. If I plan on bending or doing light lifting or work, I use a heavy duty Nike weight lifting belt pulled tightly across my lower back.

The Biowave HOME has changed my life by leaps and bounds. I will forever be deeply indebted to you and your remarkable support team. And it is made in the USA. That means a lot to a 73 year old US Navy patriotic veteran."

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