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"I'm a 67 y/o disabled veteran. I've had chronic, severe pain from spinal stenosis and other deterioration of the spine for more than 20 years. Doctors tried everything, including a myriad of opioids. Nothing helped. Then my VA physical therapist used the BioWave on me during a PT session. After 30 minutes using the BioWave, the pain was COMPLETELY GONE for the first time in decades!! I was blown away! Couldn't stop saying "OMG! OMG! This is magic!" and told my therapist I HAD to have one to use at home, which he immediately ordered.

A 30-minute session using the BioWave (VERY easy to use without assistance) knocks out my pain for at least 2 days. Because there are several areas of my body that have chronic pain from my spinal issues, I have to use it multiple times to cover the various areas, but I'm more than thrilled to do that.

THANK YOU BIOWAVE!!! You have improved my life beyond measure!"

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