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"I am a 60 yr.old veteran, have been with VA since 2012. In 2014, I was meddo-vacced to VA where I had an emergency, 6 hour lung surgery due to aspiration pneumonia.

Did well in recovery over 2 wks, ready to go home, had a heart attack, had 4 stents placed in heart. Finally got to go home after almost 3 weeks. Six months later, fractured 3 ribs over the same surgical site. I spent the next 2 1/2 years basically homebound, in chronic pain. I gained 60 pds, became a type II diabetic, and my emphysema from smoking became much worse. I applied for disability through Social Security. While waiting for that, I had another stent placed in my heart. I was a wreck. But post-op from the latest, I decided I had to start exercising, follow my diet, get my diabetes under control. I saw BioWave on twitter, contacted them, ended up with Ron Streelman as a contact. I got my new primary MD to order PT. I asked for the biowave as it had just arrived at VA. Fell asleep during 1st treatment, it relaxed me and felt great…Ron had a fit when I told him that! Over the next 3 weeks, I progressively showed improvement, not only with pain, going from an 8/10 to a 2/10, my range of motion left arm/shoulder improved tenfold. I received a home unit, which I now use every 2-3 days as needed. I can take a deeper breath as it doesn’t hurt, so am receiving much better oxygenation, which helps overall. I can vacuum, clean the tub, do the dishes, where before, I did all of the above slowly, painfully, over the space of days. Now I can do all in the same day. When I overdo, because I can, just put the portable pack on, and continue with my chores. I am bike riding as weather allows, going on our local bike trail along the Chemung river, and to our area Lake Park. I can go out, and stay out for the day now. I can volunteer at church in the kitchen, cooking and running the dish machine. I can go out with friends in the evening now. I have my life back. I’m still limited, of course, and nothing has been cured. But because I am in less pain, I have stretched out and used muscles I was unable to because of the pain. Thanks to Biowave, my disability has gone from crippling to manageable."