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"So let me preface a little. Due to an accident I ended up having a stroke. I have bee physically fit all my life and did my time in the military and in war. At the age of 55 saw a great future then came an accident at work and a stroke followed. I could barely move my right arm and the horrific pain resulted. The policy now is no painkillers. This meant months of no sleep and continued degeneration with little or no sympathy or planned treatment. The doctor finally decided to cut me and remove my connecting shoulder bones and announced I would be crippled. Well, being who I am I refused. My doctor's nurse practitioner and the alternative medical doctor suggested BioWave and let me try it at the VA. IMMEDIATELY I felt relief I could raise my arms farther than in 6 months The amount of loss to my life was at a point I could not continue. Then it came in the mail and within a week I began a road to recovery. It's not perfect, I am damaged but its only been two months and I have a chance to have an acceptable life. So at least try this, don't give up or get cut up. By the way, I work I the concrete industry I don't have an easy job, but I am back. Thank you."

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