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"After YEARS of suffering from chronic pain in my lower lumbar area, and being treated with Rx creams, lotions, and sacroiliac joint injections… the BioWave Home unit I received from the VA has now reduced my pain to a very manageable intermittent disturbance. I received over 26 hours of pain-free relief after my 3rd treatment at the VA PT clinic. I am currently seeing 3 to 4 days of steady pain-free relief (from its cumulative effectiveness) in my lumbar area. There was a ‘process’ I had to follow before being issued one from the VA, but it was well worth the effort to participate in it. I’m looking forward to golf season… I know I’m going to be playing PAIN-FREE! Thank you BioWave for helping me feel pain-free and enjoying life to its fullest.
P.S. Feel free to share this testimonial with other veterans."

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