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I love my BioWave. It is great and has helped me be able to walk again because the pain had me so bad that all I could do was lay in bed or on my couch. I couldn’t walk from my living room to the bathroom without being doubled over in pain. I can now feel my feet some before I couldn’t feel the bottom of my feet. Thank you so very much to the BioWave team y’all are amazing.
To the people that are not sure let me just say it’s so worth the hoops you might have to jump at the VA. I will tell you I was the very first veteran to receive one from my VA, they ordered it and it was delivered to my house. It took a few months because they didn’t have them in the system yet, but once in the system it moved fast I had it within a few days after being ordered. So to all the veterans that it could help fill in the form and ask them how to go about it.

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