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How to Manage Chronic Pain at Work

How to Manage Chronic Pain at Work

How to Manage Chronic Pain at Work From lower back pain to repetitive strain injury, chronic pain makes holding down a job tricky. The pain distracts you from your work, and it can also affect your mood and concentration. You don’t have to think about giving up your job, however. There are plenty of things...
Can Electrical Stimulation Really Provide Pain Relief?

Can Electrical Stimulation Really Provide Pain Relief?

Can Electrical Stimulation Really Provide Pain Relief? Many chronic pain sufferers will have turned to a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine to try and alleviate their pain. When they find it doesn’t work for them, they feel that electrical stimulation simply doesn’t help reduce pain. However, with the latest innovations, electrical impulses can deliver...
How to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain and Manage Flare-Ups

How to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain and Manage Flare-Ups

How to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain and Manage Flare-Ups A fibromyalgia diagnosis can be scary and leave you facing a lot of unknowns. How do you manage the pain? What causes it? Does it get worse over time? While fibromyalgia is not a degenerative musculoskeletal disease, there are things that make it feel like it is...
How to Help a Loved One with Chronic Pain

How to Help a Loved One with Chronic Pain

How to Help a Loved One with Chronic Pain Chronic pain affects more than the sufferer. Watching your spouse, sibling, child, or friend suffer with long-term pain is hard – but there are things you can do to help. While you can’t take their pain away, you can offer your support and proactive help to...
Read our Ebook on pain management

Read our Ebook on pain management

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Five Opioid Alternatives for Chronic Back Pain

Five Opioid Alternatives for Chronic Back Pain

Opioids take the edge off your back pain – but they can also be addictive, impact your cognitive function, and interfere with sleep cycles.   There’s a direct link between long-term use of prescription narcotics and increased risk of misuse, dependency, and addiction. At least21 percent of chronic pain patients misuse their prescription opioid medications...
How Sleep (Good or Bad) Affects Chronic Pain Symptoms

How Sleep (Good or Bad) Affects Chronic Pain Symptoms

Even if you think you’re sleeping the whole night through, your chronic pain could have a bigger impact than you realize on the quality of your sleep.   Do you often wake up tired even though you think you slept like a log?   It’s likely that your pain problems are disturbing your ability to...
Self Advocacy Tips for Pain Patients

Self Advocacy Tips for Pain Patients

Chronic pain is something that stumps doctors and patients alike. It is a growing problem, yet it affects each person in very different ways. It’s important to make sure you’re communicating with your doctor and other medical staff how your pain affects you personally. Here are some tips to help you tell other people about...
Why Does Arthritis Cause Chronic Pain

Why Does Arthritis Cause Chronic Pain

Modern Pain Management – Vol 2 Why Does Arthritis Cause Chronic Pain? There are more than one hundred different types of arthritis that affect more than 54 million Americans every year. That’s a conservative estimate, too. Many people with chronic pain don’t realize it is caused by the early stages of arthritis. They’ll often attribute...
First Course Therapies for Treating Low Back Pain

First Course Therapies for Treating Low Back Pain

Modern Pain Management – Vol 1 #1 First Course Therapies for Treating Low Back Pain Low back pain is one of the most common complaints with respect to pain. When low back pain occurs, there are many possible causes. The most common are typically a muscle strain, tendon strain or ligament sprain...
"I am beyond satisfied with my BioWave unit and it really has become an integral part of my practice … my “go-to unit” if you will … particularly since I’m a Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapist and modalities are an adjunctive way for me to initiate and complete treatment.Thank you and congratul... Read More
I have had neck issues (major pain) for years—fusion surgery in 2016–no pain relief. Tried everything except for opioids which I have always refused. Nothing worked. I stumbled on to Biowavego, assumed it would not work either but had nothing too lose— so I bought one. It is indisputably the best... Read More
"I was Skeptical at first, the VA is not wanting to give out the Biowave, I’m sure that other Veterans are running into the same thing, the ( VA ) is saying it’s basically the same thing, not True!!! The Biowave goes a lot deeper than the ten units, myself personally have noticed a Good 50 % drop... Read More
Daniel R Sherrid Sr 
I wanted to take a moment to express my genuine delight with your product: BioWave home devise. The Veteran's Administration provided this to me for the mitigation of chronic unrelenting pain.I have been a physician for nearly four decades and an Army Medical Officer for 37 of those years. I was ... Read More
David W Towle
Retired Professor of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine
“I want to get back with you about the BioWavePRO machine you have provided me. As you know, I have had some very serious Sciatic type pain in my right buttock and lower right calf areas from a back surgery I had about 6 months ago on L4 and L5.The pain has been severe and in order to control it ... Read More
George R. Dean
San Ramon, CA
“I am a patient with a thoracic spine condition that required spinal fusion surgery. Both pre-and post surgery, I have experienced intercostal neuralgia. It is a condition that creates severe nerve pain along the ribs, and it is very difficult to treat.The BioWave unit has been the most effective... Read More
Kelly O'Hagan

"I tried Biowave last was amazing! Cannot believe how much it helped my locked up shoulder/neck muscles and painfree!" Read More
M. Lynn
“I am a neurosurgeon and I have been using BioWavePENS over the past 2 years. The system is easy to use and has given my practice an additional modality to help with difficult to treat back and neck symptoms that are not amenable to traditional spine surgery. I also use BioWave for patients with ... Read More
Sagi Kuznits
MD Neurosurgical Care
Royersford, PA
I love this machine! I will fight anyone who tries to take it away! This machine is a real life saver. I have been in severe pain for several years & after my 2nd use, I no longer use pain medication. I am more spry & ready to kick some serious ass! Thank you for a much better life! Read More
Lin LaRonde
I was skeptical at first, but pleasantly surprised at how well it worked and how fast! I am extremely happy with the results. Read More
Sally Hartwell
Feeling fine at 99. I have been using Biowave on my father in law for approximately a month now. He is a 99 year old WWII veteran and ex POW.  As of now, I put it on him twice a day and the benefits are very obvious. He states that his pain is greatly reduced after every treatment and has greate... Read More
Bio Wave is very helpful to me. I use it on various painful body parts: neck, back & knees. It's much more helpful than “TENS” Bio Wave relief is long lasting.. It's convenient to use. My introduction to Bio wave came from my physical therapist who uses it on me as part of therapy. I've recom... Read More
Because I could not get opioids for my neuropathy pain, I reluctantly resorted to alcohol relieves pain but increases, sugar, bad cholesterol and a1c levels!). Now my biowave unit has allowed me to give up alcohol use and it has eliminated my neuropathy pain and i now sleep better as well!Also, m... Read More
"I asked my Pain Doctor, at the VA, if he knew anything about BioWave. Instead of reply he requested a Biowave Representative to come to the house. After the first demo I was pain free for over 2 hours, it was amazing. After I got my unit I would do 2 a day treatments, then 1 a day and now ever o... Read More
"I'm extremely happy to say that since I received the Biowave my hip issues are pretty much a thing of the past!If I do have any pain, all it takes is one thirty minute treatment and it's gone!! Amazing product! Thanks for the opportunity to control my life and pain without meds!" Read More
"I can’t thank you enough for my biowave, this has been so much help for my knee and back, I can now to things that I couldn’t do before, Thank you so much Biowave." Read More
I'm a veteran who has serious issues with both of my hips! I was finally able to get an appointment at the V.A. Clinic.OMG! I feel like my left hip is brand new all over again. This is definitely the answer to my hip issues. This thing is utterly AMAZING! Read More
I received and started using Biowave this week, and all I can say is WOW! I have suffered from chronic post surgery back pain for years, and I refuse to take pain killers. This thing is AMAZING! I will surely pass the word around, in fact, I have an appointment with physical therapy at the VA thi... Read More
I have had back problems since I was 35 years old. At my present age of 75, I suffer with severe scoliosis, spinal stenosis, fractures, herniated discs, pelvic fractures, arthritis, damaged nerves, neuropathy, torn hip labrum, etc. I have tried everything for relief - Meds, Injections, etc. My VA... Read More
I love my BioWave. It is great and has helped me be able to walk again because the pain had me so bad that all I could do was lay in bed or on my couch. I couldn’t walk from my living room to the bathroom without being doubled over in pain. I can now feel my feet some before I couldn’t feel the b... Read More
"I normally don’t comment on things like this but I have used a Bio-wave and it WORKED! Long story short, I am fused from L-1to S-1 with hardware in place. I have had radicular pain in both legs for 10 yrs. I have had 1, 30 min. session, left leg only ( on 1/11) and have experienced NO PAIN for 2... Read More
Just used it on my shoulder tonight, the pain level went from a 9 10 to about 3 and when I used it on the left two weeks ago the highest pain level to come back has only been about a 6 periodically. It works great. Read More
"I received my BioWave about 3 weeks ago it took me quite a while to respond positively because they cut open 16" of my spine and I have a lot of areas where I'm experiencing some extreme pain I read the opportunity to use this device on those areas and I find it nothing short of amazing. I highl... Read More
"So let me preface a little. Due to an accident I ended up having a stroke. I have bee physically fit all my life and did my time in the military and in war. At the age of 55 saw a great future then came an accident at work and a stroke followed. I could barely move my right arm and the horrific ... Read More
"It helped me so much. I was able to get off my opioids for good." Read More
"Got mine through the VA. After 30 minute treatments, I can (1) gain full range of motion in my shoulder; (2) bend over and touch my toes, split wood, carry 50# bags of feed, and drive for long distances... all without pain in my lower back; and (3) it has eliminated the need for pain meds due to... Read More
"I can't tell you enough how much your device has helped me. I use it at least 2 times a day and that seems to be enough to get me through the day without a lot of pain. Thanks again." Read More
"Have been getting weekly treatments for the last month. In order to receive my own personal BioWave Home Unit.I'm so excited, waiting anxiously for it to arrive!Just learned about BioWave, and how it can possibly help me regain my quality of life, earlier this year. So grateful for all the infor... Read More
"I did the initial trial at the VAMC today. Hopefully, I will have one at home very soon.I'm amazed after a 30 min session." Read More
"I'm absolutely surprised by how much this machine works! Got mine through the VA after asking for it just once and I can contest that it definitely works! I'm a happy vet!This device is a game changer!!! Best thing I've ever asked for at my VA!!! Believe the hype!" Read More
"I'm a 67 y/o disabled veteran. I've had chronic, severe pain from spinal stenosis and other deterioration of the spine for more than 20 years. Doctors tried everything, including a myriad of opioids. Nothing helped. Then my VA physical therapist used the BioWave on me during a PT session. After ... Read More
"I just received my BioWave. One of the best pain relievers I have ever experienced. I have had chronic back pain since 1980. I use the BioWave once a day and the pain drops dramatically for the rest of the day. Don't get me wrong I still have pain but nothing like what I have experienced for the... Read More
"I don't mind at all with using my testimony. I was on methadone for 11 years through the VA and quit cold Turkey. I would never recommend that for anyone. Having been off methadone for 2 years this week, I have exhausted every avenue thru the VA Pain management seeking relief for chronic lower b... Read More
"This BioWave Home Unit is wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything better for my back pain. I received my unit a few weeks ago through the VA and I am so happy. If you have pain, please check on this." Read More
"After YEARS of suffering from chronic pain in my lower lumbar area, and being treated with Rx creams, lotions, and sacroiliac joint injections… the BioWave Home unit I received from the VA has now reduced my pain to a very manageable intermittent disturbance. I received over 26 hours of pain-fre... Read More
"I have been using the BioWave Unit for several months now. I am glad I saw the ad on the internet. The unit works great and relieves my pain without pain meds. My pain is severe as it sometimes takes all day to relieve the pain. I use mine every week and I am glad I have it. I had a TENS unit th... Read More
"BioWave was recommended to me from another veteran. After 12 yrs with back pain and taking pills and therapies, BioWave was the only non-medication that actually relieved the pain in 30 minutes or less. Would not change it for anything in the world. It actually works." Read More
"This is one great machine. It really does work. You can quote me. One great product and team." Read More
"I have been having treatments for about three weeks now and have been beginning to get feeling back in my lower extremities after more than 20 years." Read More
"I got mine through the VA. This has taken the place of needing injections and virtually no pain. It can be used almost anywhere. It has a cumulative effect to the point where you don't need to use it every day. I was willing to buy it myself if the VA didn't pay for it. It's really that good." Read More
"After 30+ years of back pain, my BioWave gives me hours of pain relief." Read More
“I got mine through my VA 4 months ago and absolutely love it. It works!!! Have cut my pain meds in half.” Read More
"I have had mine for a couple of months, love it, it really helps my back, knee, hip. Got mine through the VA. Gotta try it!" Read More
"I have been using my BioWave machine for a couple weeks now and I find it to be every bit effective as when I tried it at the VA hospital, it works great for me, helps me manage my pain in my back. I recommend anybody with back pain to give it a try to see if they can have the same results. I ca... Read More
"I had surgery on both shoulders and my back several years ago. I injured my back while in the Army years ago. And have torn both rotator cuffs. Surgery is no longer an option. I tried the Biowave to see if I could get some relief from the pain and it worked! I am amazed at how much it helps. I l... Read More
"Just wanted to let you know I received my new unit yesterday and would like to thank you for all you have done I truly appreciate it. Once again I would like to thank you and your company for all you do for veterans it is wonderful. to thank you for all you have done I truly appreciate it. Once ... Read More
"I want to thank you and the staff for helping me out of this crazy pain problem I have been having since I had my back surgery in November 2017.I didn't want to be stuck on pain medication the rest of my life. When I spoke to my Vietnam Brothers in a meeting we have every Friday afternoon. One o... Read More
"My name is Michael, I served in the USAF. I spent 11 years in Security Forces. I was veteran of both OIF/OEF. Roughly 2014 I had an injury to my entire back and shortly after separating from the AF I was T-Boned by a driver doing 62 MPH and it flared all my injuries. My injuries affect me daily... Read More
"Hi, Thanks for the email and for developing the Biowave HOME pain relief miracle.  was the first veteran at my VA to receive a Biowave HOME device. I had used TENS devices for years for lower back pain to help relax the muscles that would tighten up and cause unbearable pain. My life of pain ha... Read More
"They didn’t have Biowave at my VA but I got my pain management person in contact with Biowave. Next thing I know they mailed one straight to my door. I have been doing spinal nerve blocks for 10 years and have never used a tense unit. What I can tell you is I am on day 6 of using my Biowave Hom... Read More