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Immediate, Deep, Long Lasting Pain Relief That Improves Quality of Life

Improve Function & Range of Motion

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Easy to Use

No programming, pads are placed directly over the location of pain

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Super Comfortable Treatment

Feels like a deep-smooth pressure sensation

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Wearable - Ultra Portable

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Easily track treatment outcomes and progress

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BioWave Reviews From Customers Just Like You

"Immediate, long lasting, soothing pain relief"

"Reaches nerves & muscles where the pain originates"

"BioWaveGO is a life-changer"

"I find myself with more mobility & less pain"

"BioWaveGO has changed my life"

"Targets the source of the pain"

"Immediate, long lasting, soothing pain relief"

"Reaches nerves & muscles where the pain originates"

"BioWaveGO is a life-changer"

"I find myself with more mobility & less pain"

"BioWaveGO has changed my life"

"Targets the source of the pain"

"Immediate, long lasting, soothing pain relief"

"Reaches nerves & muscles where the pain originates"

"BioWaveGO is a life-changer"

"I find myself with more mobility & less pain"

"BioWaveGO has changed my life"

"Targets the source of the pain"

Experience the BioWaveGO Difference

Targeted pain relief with a comfortable, massage-like, feel.

Deep Relief with BioWaveGO

Unlike surface-level treatments, BioWaveGO provides profound and lasting relief by addressing pain at its source.



Long Lasting

Pain Relief After Treatment Concludes

Short 30 Minute Sessions

Comfortable Massage-Like Feel

Easy To Use



Our Mission

To offer immediate long-lasting relief from severe pain and a transformative recovery experience to those of us who want a powerful alternative to drugs, invasive surgeries, and ineffective, temporary cover-ups so you can get back to the quality of life you deserve.

Our Story

BioWave exists to answer an important question for those of us who prefer not to be medicated: "Why are we treating the whole body when the pain comes from one source?" After a skiing accident and trying medication, TENS & ESTIM it was clear a revolutionary, smarter pain-blocking technology was needed. Enter, BioWave's Neuro-STIM to get you back in the game and the quality of life you deserve, drug-free with immediate, long-lasting pain relief.


How BioWaveGO Is Superior To Traditional TENS Machines?

BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology delivers patented therapeutic high-frequency electrical signals through skin into deep tissue to pain nerves blocking the pain signal from traveling to the brain. BioWave is not TENS. TENS low-frequency signals cannot pass through the skin because of the skin’s impedance. As a result, TENS creates a sensation at the surface of skin which MAY act as a distraction to your pain, but when the TENS signal is removed, there is little residual benefit resulting in none of the proven benefits you can get from using BioWave. BioWave works like Novocain, except BioWave blocks the pain signal electrically instead of chemically. Because the pain signal is blocked at the nerve inside the body, a 30-minute treatment can provide long-lasting pain relief.

Does BioWaveGO Come With A Warranty?

BioWave is proud to offer a 1-year warranty on all products. If your device should fail for any reason, we will replace it free of charge, with no hassle, and no waiting for a repair. For warranty questions or to place a warranty request, please call BioWave Customer Service at 877-246-9283 X 1. Thank you for trusting BioWave.

Does BioWaveGO Come With A Guarantee?

BioWaveGO comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Proof of purchase is required.

Is There One-On-One Training Available To Help Me Get The Most Out Of My BioWaveGO?

Yes, there is training available with our Customer Service team. You can contact us at or 1-877-246-9283 Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST.

Does BioWaveGO work?

Yes. BioWaveGO® is compact, wearable, and built to move. A single treatment of 30 minutes provides on average 8 hours of pain relief (1). BioWaveGO delivers immediate, deep, and long-lasting relief of severe pain.

How Long Does It Take Before BioWaveGO Works?

BioWaveGO has been proven to relieve pain for an average of 8 hours following one 30-minute treatment, according to our clinical studies. You should start feeling pain relief right after you start the treatment and increase the stimulation intensity to a strong but comfortable level.

How Long Do I Have to Use BioWaveGO For?

We recommend using our devices for a full 30-minute treatment to experience the best pain relief results. You can use it multiple times per day on an as-needed basis.

How Many Times Do I Have to Use BioWaveGO?

BioWaveGO can be used as many times as needed, We recommend leaving at least 30 minutes between treatments to achieve the best and longest-lasting pain relief.

What Is the Difference Between TENS, PEMF, NMES and BioWave?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation): TENS devices deliver low-voltage electrical currents, but these signals cannot travel deep enough to reach the nerves to prevent pain signals from traveling to the brain and stopping pain from occurring. TENS is primarily used for temporary pain relief while using the device, with no carry-over effect of pain relief after you stop using it.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field): PEMF therapy uses electromagnetic fields to improve cellular function. It is commonly used for depression, improving bone healing, and reducing inflammation.

NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation): NMES devices use electrical impulses to cause muscle contractions, which can help strengthen muscles, improve circulation, and prevent muscle atrophy.

BioWave: BioWave is a non-invasive, wearable device that uses patented signal technology to block pain at the source. Unlike TENS, which masks pain signals, BioWave's high-frequency electrical signals penetrate deep into the tissue to provide long-lasting pain relief. BioWave is designed to provide an average of 8 hours of pain relief following a 30-minute treatment session.

Each of these technologies has distinct mechanisms and applications, with BioWave specifically targeting and blocking pain at its source for extended relief.

Can I Use BioWaveGO On My Neck?

YES. BioWave can be used on the back of the neck to treat neck pain or headaches. You cannot place electrodes on the front or sides of your neck.

Can I Use BioWaveGO for Headaches?

Yes. BioWave may be a useful tool to reduce pain that results from headaches including cervicogenic headaches which appear to transform into migraines; chronic cervicalgia, occipital neuralgia, and pain that originates in the posterior of the neck and travels up into the head.BioWave cannot be placed on top of the head to treat headaches.

Can I Use BioWaveGO with Orthopedic Hardware?

Yes, electrodes MAY BE PLACED directly over or in the proximity of implanted metal hardware including total joint replacements, rods, plates, screws, anchors, and pins. See the User’s Manual for more information.

Can I Use BioWaveGO with A Pacemaker?

DO NOT use BioWaveGO if you have an implanted cardiac pacemaker.

Can I Use BioWaveGO If I Am Epileptic or Have Seizures?

Do NOT use BioWaveGO if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures.

Can I Use BioWaveGO On Heart?

BioWave cannot be used over the heart, or across the thoracic volume. You can place electrodes on the back of the thorax and lateral aspect of the upper limb (i.e. below/down the shoulder). Electrodes should never be placed on the chest.

Can I Use BioWaveGO on Open Wounds?

BioWave cannot be used on open wounds, broken skin, rashy skin, or sensitive areas.