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Recover with BioWave, the smart way to block pain and improve function and performance.

The neurostimulation tool trusted by elite athletes and people just like you.


Go beyond pain and live your best life.

Meet BioWave.

BioWave is soon to be the smartest tool in your recovery arsenal. BioWave offers superior chronic pain relief technology for people in pain who are done messing around with creams, pills, and gimmicks. With 13 years of Rx experience, BioWave is proven, patented technology that is designed to block pain signals deep at the nerve. This is not old-fashioned TENS. BioWave often works in one 30-minute treatment and has been proven in multiple clinical studies to provide lasting pain relief.

BioWave’s patented, proven, effective neurostimulation is changing lives every day. It leapfrogs today’s current technology with its advanced, patented pain blocking approach to pain relief. Because it’s designed to deliver therapeutic electrical signals into deep tissue, healthcare providers and patients alike affectionately call BioWave devices the “Blue Box.”

Why Trust BioWave?

Drug Free

58.7% of patients stopped or significantly reduced pain medication consumption since starting BioWave treatments.*

Tested and Proven

BioWave’s products have been prescribed by many pain and ortho doctors, have been prescribed to 500 professional athletes and have been used by 125+ college sports teams.*

Long Lasting Relief

Our smarter pain blocking technology can provide long lasting pain relief with just one 30 minute treatment providing up to 24 hours of pain relief.*

Life Changing

85% of patients reported BioWave improved their quality of life, along with many patients experiencing less stiffness and improved function.*


*Learn more in our disclaimers and clinical studies.

Pain relief and improved performance in the palm of your hand.

See What Athletes Are Saying

"I've been playing professional golf for over 30 years and I've had back surgery and my share of aches and pains due to wear and tear on my body. Since I discovered BioWaveGO, it's now a part of my everyday routine and it travels with me on tour too. It's the best treatment I've found for pain relief and inflammationa nd I've tried them's amazing!"

"As a 2x Olympian, 3x Olympic Gold medalist, and the current Olympic Champion I train intensely several days a week and my body is always experiencing pain. BioWave Go might be the single most effective recovery tool I have in my tool box. It’s easy to use and mobile. I have taken it on a plane with electrodes placed on my lower back to make travel easier on my body, I’ve taken it right out of my track bag to address ankle pain directly after a workout."

Tianna Bartoletta, Olympic Champion

"BioWave is a fantastic aid towards recovery from hard training sessions and keeps me on the field of play."

Sarah Robertson, Field Hockey Olympic Champion

Block Pain

Manage pain better by blocking it at the source with BioWave's smarter, patented technology.

Recover Faster

The FDA cleared pain relief device that can be used pre, during and post-workout to keep you in the game.

Improve Performance

Whether you're looking to improve daily function, get back out on the course, or recover for your next workout, BioWave can help.

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A Non-Opioid, FDA-Cleared, Wearable Chronic Pain Relief Technology that is Pro Athlete Proven & Trusted

FSA/HSA Eligible

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What's in the box?
  • GO unit
  • AC Charger
  • Pain Relief Pads - Set of 3 (each set good for approximately 10 uses = 30 treatments)
  • Lead Wire Cable Connectors
  • QRG-Quick Reference Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Feedback Card


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It's time to block pain better and get back to your active life.