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Beyond Pain

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Our commitment here at BioWave has been to help people relieve pain and lead a more active life. The patented technology behind BioWave makes it the smarter pain relief device, cleared by the FDA to provide chronic and acute pain relief without opioids.

BioWave is designed to block pain at the source – delivering therapeutic electrical signals through the skin that actually prevents pain from reaching the brain. It’s the proven and effective “feeling is believing” way to treat any type of chronic, acute or post-operative pain. 

Pain can disrupt a person’s daily life and activity. We want you to know that you’re not alone on your pain management journey. That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide to help you learn more about proactive pain management and how to reduce chronic pain symptoms.

We are proud to be leading the charge as a 100% drug-free, non-opioid pain management alternative through BioWave’s technology. We hope you use this guide as a way to navigate through your pain management journey, finding useful information to improve your day-to-day.

Interested in gaining knowledge and tips for managing and relieving chronic pain so you can live a life Beyond Pain? Download the free eBook!